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Let's get technical

DnD Showband request a raised minimum performance area of 6m wide x 4m deep.

Their visual presentation includes drape-wall backdrop on portable scaffolding, and professional computerized lighting show comprising moving heads, LED par 64 cans, pin spots.


Their sound system is mixed (FOH) front of house by the Band's industry certified Sound Engineer on a Behringer X32 Rack & Tablet with Lab.Gruppen FP10000Q amplifier running 5,200w to 9,200w driving JBL subs and EV ZX5 top speakers. Their system is suitable for small to large indoor audiences through to small outdoor audiences.

They use AKG and Shure wireless and wired microphones and Sennheiser inner-ear monitors.

Their live line-up consists of lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, acoustic guitar/rhythm electric guitar, mandolin and either 5-piece DW Exotic series acoustic drum kit with 1.8m acrylic surround shield or an ATV EXS-5 kit with Pearl Mimic Pro module.

They request a dressing room with good lighting close to the performance area.
At larger functions (for example outdoor performances) it will be necessary to hire adequate sound and lighting equipment.

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